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Kirk/McCoy fanvid - "Two Is Better Than One"

Song Title/Vid Title: Two Is Better Than One
Artist: Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift
Characters: Kirk/McCoy
Notes: Probably not normally the type of song you'd associate with this pairing, admittedly, but once I heard the line, "the way you roll your eyes, the way you taste" inspiration struck and here it is.
Size/Length: About 17 MB / 4:09

I apologize in advance for the super crappy video quality. Windows Movie Maker wouldn't let me save it any other way. Hint: I think it looks better if you DON'T watch it in high quality.

Another link will go up as soon as it's done processing, in case YouTube takes the vid down.

Download it here.

Hope you enjoyed! PLEASE let me know what you thought! :D
Tags: fanvid: star trek
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