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the shape i found you in: a kirk/mccoy fanmix

Thanks to the new movie, I have fallen in love with Star Trek, and one pairing in particular has completely stolen my heart: Kirk/McCoy. So space married. This fanmix has been in the works since July and has been through various incarnations until I finally decided on this.

There's two "discs" - one of songs from Kirk's POV and one of songs from McCoy's. Jim's goes from growing up in Iowa to being with Bones, and McCoy's goes from his divorce to being with Jim. If I did it right, anyway. *g*


"Too Bad" – Nickelback
you left without saying goodbye
although i'm sure you tried
you call the house from time to time
to make sure we're alive
but you weren't there
right when i needed you the most
and now i dream about it
and how it's so bad

(The song is about a father, but I think it could work just as well for a mother.)

"Rock & Roll" – Eric Hutchinson
disregard the lies that he will tell
and what he’s probably like
'cause it's not hard
his charm is gonna get him
through the night

"Like It's a Bad Thing" – Gary Allan
they say i drive a little fast
say, i like to push the limit
everyday i'm living like it was my last
they say i'm proud of my scars
each one tells a story
got guts and glory down to an art
say, i know what it's like
to see life pass right before my eyes

"Time After Time" – Quietdrive
lying in my bed
i hear the clock tick and think of you
caught up in circles
confusion is nothing new
you say go slow, i fall behind
the second hand unwinds

"Taking Chances" – cast of Glee
you don't know about my past
and i don't have a future figured out
and maybe this is going too fast
and maybe it's not meant to last
but what do you say to taking chances
what do you say to jumping off the edge

"You May Be Right" – Billy Joel
i was stranded in the combat zone
i walked through bedford stuy alone
even rode my motorcycle in the rain
and you told me not to drive
but i made it home alive
so you said that only proves that i'm insane
you may be right, i may be crazy
but it just may be a lunatic you're looking for

"Look After You" – The Fray
there now, steady, love
so few come and don't go
will you want to be the one i'll always know
when i'm losing my control
the city spins around
you're the only one who knows
you slow it down

"Let Love In" – Goo Goo Dolls
i know you're so much more
everything they ignore
is all i need to see
you're the only one i ever believed in
the answer that could never be found
the moment you decided
to let love in

"First Time" – Lifehouse
looking at you
holding my breath
for once in my life
i'm scared to death
i'm taking a chance
letting you inside

"Mad Season" – Matchbox Twenty
i need you now
do you think you can cope
you figured me out
i'm a child and i'm hopeless
i'm bleeding and broken
though i've never spoken
i come undone
in this mad season

"Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me)" – Willie Nelson
maria, shut up and kiss me
stop shaking, stand up and hold me
i bet you're gonna miss me
you need me, believe me
maria, shut up and kiss me
you're crazy and it turns me on and on
the way you're carrying on

(Works better if you change "Maria" to "McCoy." XD)

"My Life Would Suck Without You" – Kelly Clarkson
i know that i've got issues
but you're pretty messed up too
either way, i found out
i'm nothing without you


"How You Remind Me" – Nickelback
it's not like you to say sorry
i was reading on a different story
and this time i'm mistaken
for handing you a heart worth breaking
i've been wrong, i've been down
been to the bottom of every bottle

"I Just Got Back From Hell" – Gary Allan
well, i just got back from hell
and i need to make some plans
it's the last thing that i wanna do
but i'll do the best i can

"Feel The Silence" – Goo Goo Dolls
i don't know where i'm going
only know where i've been
and you moved through my soul
like a hurricane wind
i've been so lost for so long
i don't know how to get back again

"Beautiful Disaster" – Kelly Clarkson
he's as damned as he seems
and more heaven than a heart could hold
and if i try to save him
my whole world could cave in
it just ain't right, it just ain't right

"Use Somebody" – Kings of Leon
off in the night while you live it up i'm off to sleep
waging wars to shake the poet and the beat
i hope it's gonna make you notice
someone like me

"Like The Rain" – Clint Black
like the rain
i have fallen for you
and i know just why you
like the rain
always calling for you
i'm falling for you now
just like the rain

"It's a Little Too Late" – Tanya Tucker
turn the jukebox up
throw some sawdust down
i'm too far gone to turn this heart around
it may be wrong, but i don't want out
it's a little too late to do the right thing now

"I Do Not Hook Up" – Kelly Clarkson
you want a chase but you're chasing your tail
a quick fix won't ever get you well
oh, no, i do not hook up, i go slow
so if you want me, i don't come cheap
keep your hand in my hand
your heart on your sleeve

"Never Say Never" – The Fray
you're the queen of everything
far as the eye can see
under your command
i will be your guardian
when all is crumbling
i'll steady your hand

"Half Of My Mistakes" – Gary Allan
oh and half of my mistakes
god, i wouldn't change one thing
you can lean too hard on a prayer
but i don't recommend it
'cause half the good things in my life
came from half of my mistakes


"The Shape I Found You In" – Girlyman
i was calling to you
it was one thing i knew how to do
but my heart tried to cheat
building safety nets under my feet
so if i fell i would fall right in
that's the shape you found me in

you were delivered to me
we were closed as the stores on christmas eve
so i felt around in the dark
building rope ladders into your heart
climbing hand over hand to get in
that's the shape i found you in

Hope you enjoyed! PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD! It would give me warm fuzzies. :D
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