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picspam: sports night - "you do it good."

I recently discovered the brilliantness that is the TV show Sports Night. I'm only ten years too late.

So I thought I'd do the current picspammy challenge: scenes & sequences. This is one of my favorite scenes in the series, if not *the* favorite.


Casey: Hey.
Dan: Hey.

Casey: How's it goin' in there?
Dan: I'm bombing.
Casey: No!
Dan: I'm tryin' to tell 'em how I feel but...
Casey: Well, you're good at that.
Dan: You're better.

Casey: Anyway, I saw this guy. At my video store. And I started thinking...
Dan: What?
Casey: That I wouldn't trade the last ten years working with you for anything.
Not for anything, Danny. I swear to God.

Dan: See, you do it good.
Casey: You do it good.

Dan: All right, c'mon. The gefilte fish is getting cold.
Casey: Isn't it supposed to be cold?
Dan: Nuh-uh. You comin'?
Casey: You know we have a lot of repair work to do.
Dan: You know where we start?
Casey: Where?
Dan: Get our show back.

Oh, boys. <333

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